Music Production
LMNZ composes and produces music and works with a lot of musicians of all styles so just let us know what kind of atmosphere you are looking for or what you got in mind and we can work something out.
Be it some film music, a score or jingle for your commercial, a remix or an instrumental for you or your artist to sing / rap on.

Also feel free to check out his store:

Photo by Fabfotos

Leave No One Behind produced by LMNZ:

Chefket Track produced by LMNZ:

Les Twins @ motion*s produced by LMNZ:

Wedding Film + Music produced by LMNZ:

Calligraffiti workshop produced by LMNZ:

Yakfilms & BBoy Issue collab produced by LMNZ:

“Love and that other Shit” – EP produced by LMNZ (soul music):

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