Raps & Writing

“You need a hook, verse or a full song from LMNZ for your project or need help
writing your own lyrics? He rapped on tracks with 100s of MCs and held his own on tracks
even on the side of legends like Masta Ace who thought LMNZ was
a native English MC from the States.
LMNZ can also ghostwrite your lyrics in German or English.
He has taught the basics of writing lyrics to 15.-20.000 people in over 1100 workshops in
different countries, being it in prisons, schools, theaters, youth centres,
music studios or refugee centers.”

Thanks for the introduction bro. 🙂
Feel free to connect with me: contact@worldwide-rap.com

Photo by Gisela Guertler

Some German & English Rhymes by LMNZ:

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