Relax; forget about your troubles and your 9 to 5…ready?

After setting the mood LMNZ takes you on „a whole new trip“ on his 2nd album
“Anders als die Besseren”.
His journey leads you through the odyssey of mankind, deals with topics like ego,
perishability, the system we live in, politics, contradictions, dichotomies, racism
and near-death experiences. It’s all about balance, yin and yang.
That’s why LMNZ also speaks about desire, having fun, dancing, living in the now,
enjoying breathing, living and being a good sport. People are in need of change and
he uses his voice and music to encourage them to find the energy to make this change
become reality.

Even while writing about societal ills and challenges that we as human beings
are facing, LMNZ’ songs always have a positive message in the end.
Again, he gathered artists from all across the globe to make this album
as interesting as possible, integrating many different points of view.

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